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How to find a room in the Netherlands

Finding a room, apartment or house in The Netherlands is not an easy task, especially if you’re a foreigner.
We have gathered a list of sites that will help you find a room, apartment or studio in The Netherlands in less time.

There are 800,000 private rental properties in the Netherlands. On average, the typical Dutchman moves to another house every seven year. Therefor more than 100,000 homes annually are available for rent. A good opportunity to find a perfect place to stay.

Our favorite:

AirBnB is the best way to rent unique, local accommodations on any budget in any country.


Kamerstunt is the rental platform of the Netherlands with a wide variety of rooms, studios and other living spaces!

Kamerstunt is not a mediation agency. Their goal is to bring tenants and landlords directly into contact with each other so that both parties can come to an agreement themselves.

With over a 100.000 rooms for rent each year, is the largest room network in the Netherlands! On this platform you can either rent a room or let out one or more rooms. To rent or let out a room is the place for renting a room of letting out a room. (Private) tenants and room seekers can contact each other through this website. It’s free to register yourself as a seeker, as well as renting or letting out a room.

Hotelkamerveiling is the first hotel site with a the auction concept. With years of experience the conversion and program are optimally. Present Hotelkamerveiling has 500 hotels throughout the world and is still growing. Daily there are up to 500 too 1000 hotels auctions on the site.